Epiphany Stars


Epiphany Stars

Have you met your star person yet?

Have you considered sending a card of encouragement?

Have you discovered surprising things about your star word in the Bible?
One Great Idea-

One of our Knox Bible study groups spent a few weeks looking up their individual star words together.  It was quite a process of discovery as there was much more to know than initially thought.  Each word offered a surprising and meaningful lens with which to view faith.    

Stars are still available in the office.  Your star is meant to be a way for you to grow in faith.  Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started:

  • Find out what your word means - use a Bible concordance like this one HERE

  • Pray for insight & guidance using your word or related
  • Pray for the members on the back of your star
  • know that you too are being lifted in prayer

Knox Star Stories


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