Faithfully Fit 2018


Faithfully Fit 2018

Faithfully Fit - Spring/ Summer 2018 
In January of this year, Knox began an emphasis entitled, "Faithfully Fit".  To be faithfully fit means so much more than physically fit and disciplined.  It includes the crucial element of spiritual growth.  Since January great success stories and tips have been shared. 
Our "Faithfully Fit Summer 2018" is in full swing!  Thanks to Esther Moreno for kicking us off.  This week we have added the story of Bill Smith who is training for a triathlon.  Throughout the summer we will bring you more personal stories and tips. So stay tuned for updates and suggestions for abundant and faithfully fit life in Christ!  Let us know if you have a story to share!

Fitness tips from a Knox triathlete Bill Smith.

 One of the joys of having Esther Moreno on staff was her enthusiasm for fitness.  We welcome Esther to share her Faithfully fit suggestions.  Thank you for taking time to share with us Esther before you and your family head south.

Taking care of your body isn’t just about looking good on the outside. It’s about taking care of the temple that God has given you so that you are equipped to do his work in the earth. As the weather is warming up, let’s commit to getting stronger to serve him longer. Here are 5 easy tips to stay faithfully fit this upcoming season. 

  1. Don’t make exercise a half hearted endeavor. Make goals and stay committed. 
  1. Pray to God for help with your fitness goals. I’m sure he’ll be happy to oblige your request. Dedicate your workouts to Christ and watch it make a difference.  
  1. Don’t over do it! You can get a good workout in without spending hours in the gym. Take a brisk walk, swim, or join a fun dance class. All of these are creative ways to stay faithfully fit. 
  1. Discipline is key in both your spiritual life and with your fitness goals. Keeping a journal is a great way to chart your progress and celebrate your success. 
  1. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall short of your goals.  It happens to the best of us. Get back up if you fall down and keep pressing towards the mark. You got this! 

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been purchased at a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body.”  -1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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