Pastor's Letter


Pastor's Letter

Like and Share Jesus

Dear Friends,

I learned many great things while our son and his family were living with us-not the least of which were tutorials in social media!  It was very funny watching Evan and Grayce Mae make faces and exclamations for Snapchat.  Who knew?  "Not I", says the happy baby boomer.  We all roared and an amusing use of one form of social media was in play.  Evan would also sigh on a weekly basis when asked for yet another tutorial in how to turn on Netflix.

Daily, our lives are "infiltrated" with Tweets, Instagrams, Texts, Facebook Likes, YouTubers, Pins for our Boards, and Yelp Reviews. We receive news in so many multi-faceted ways we are nearly immune to its impact or whether it is good, bad or ugly.  Our news gets lumped together from all possible sources and we become numb. 

Since Easter, I have been somewhat haunted by the first verse of our Lenten study in the gospel of Mark - 1:1. "The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God". God began a new thing in Jesus that is meant to change the world's understanding of news.

Mark, along with the other gospel writers, was compelled to share news that stood in contrast to all other news.  This news was the good news, intended for all the world and all the generations of readers and listeners to come.  All news (of the world) would now be viewed through the lens of God's good news in Jesus. It was meant to be experienced and shared.

"Social Media"  in Jesus day was mostly word of mouth.   14 centuries later the printing press set off a media revolution with the Gutenberg Bible and the Good News of the gospel had exponential impact. Today, we think of it all as that which is technological.

Yet, here's a reality for us to consider - we are and always have been Jesus' "social media". We are the most effective form of communication.  Together, in thought, word and deed we have the greatest potential for setting off a revolution of good news in a bad news world.

It is a good thing to like and share the gospel of Jesus Christ!



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