4C Fall Study 2021

4C’s Transformation Paths

How is Spirit shaping you and all of us here at Knox for ministry for the coming years?  Change is all around us, both in our personal lives as we continue to live in post pandemic life and also at Knox as we continue to lean into new ministries and ways of connecting with each other and the broader community. 

In an effort for our congregation to more fully live out the Christian life as described in the book of Acts, a small group of Knox leaders has developed a model to move us further along the paths that lead to living in the “Way” of Jesus.   

The 4C Paths are:

  • Christ: Each person develops a meaningful relationship with God.
  • Connection: Every Person has a meaningful relational connection within the Knox family.
  • Care: Every person knows that Knox cares about him or her personally.
  • Community: Respond to the greatest needs of the Naperville area and to the communities beyond Naperville.

The study series is eight weeks long, starting the weekend of September 26, in both worship and small groups. It is organized as four pairs, two weeks on each C. The first week of each pair is a time for study, conversation and reflection together. The second week of each pair is intended to provide opportunity for groups to take some action related to the C of that pair.

There will be a study guide for each first week of each pair and a suggested action step for your group to consider for each second week. There is full expectation that, if the suggested action step doesn’t seem to fit your group, every group can discern together what they might do instead. All this is so we don’t just talk about Christ, Connection, Care and Community but we live it out together in meaningful ways.

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