Our Staff


Our Staff

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Pastoral Staff

Rev. Clint Roberts

Senior Co-Pastoroffice: 630-615-4304

Rev. Deb Roberts

Senior Co-Pastoroffice: 630-615-4306

Rev. Cindy Karis

Associate Pastoroffice: 630-615-4308

Rev. David Bebb Jones

Parish Associate

Rev. Jim Whitlock

Parish Associate

Rev. Ken Lehman

Pastor Emeritus

Doug Bradshaw

Parish Associate

Program & Ministry Directors

Jan & Curt Parry

Directors of Musicoffice: 630-615-4317

Jenny Hubbard

Director of Children and Family Ministriesoffice: 630-615-4318

Beth Burner

Director, Children's Day Outoffice: 630-615-4336

Judy Ancona

CDO - Assistant Directoroffice: 630-615-4336

Niki Lee

Sunday School & Family Ministries Coordinator

Darin Nettleton

Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Support and Office Staff

Bev Mayer

Pastors' Assistantoffice: 630-615-4325

Diane Heintz

Front Office Coordinatoroffice: 630-615-4324

Michal Baker

Financial Administrator

Robert Sacramento

Head Custodianoffice: 630-615-4326

Ron Mobley

Facility Manageroffice: 630-615-4305

Joan Tanck

Office Directoroffice: 630-615-4309

Tim Sleep


Mitchell Ancona

Custodial Support

Bob Mittelstaedt

Custodial Support

Ann Smith

Child Care Coordinator

Kedra Smith

Communications Coordinator

Patrick Schwarz

Media & Tech Coordinator

Keith Hoggatt

Music Team Leader

Ted Williams

Custodial Support