Current Job Openings


Current Job Openings

Music Team Leader

Coordinate and support the 3rd worship service, Saturdays @5, of Knox Presbyterian Church by enhancing and complementing our worship services through music. 

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Choose appropriate music for each service taking into consideration:  3rd Service theme and message, congregation familiarity, participation & the music team skill set.
  • Identify and recruit vocalists and instrumentalists to form the Saturday music team. Effectively work with a group of volunteers and establish a consistent rehearsal schedule.
  • Attend 3rd service planning meetings: Communicate with worship leaders & communicate with preaching pastor
  • Attend 3rd service council meetings: give input and status of music program and provide ideas and thoughts on music program improvements

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Youth and Young Adult Assistant Leader

To support our Youth & Young Adult Ministries, Associate Pastor of Youth & Young Adults, and the Youth & Young Adult Council. Ignite and nurture a desire for youth and young adults to have a genuine relationship with God and build Christian relationships with others.  To maintain dynamic Youth Fellowship discussions on Wednesday and Sunday Nights and help lead special events, retreats, and Go & Serve.

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