Knox Deacons


Knox Deacons

Knox Deacons who are always on the front lines of serving and care, were corralled for pictures during one of their festive fundraising events.  At the end of each January they provide what we call "Chilimania!".  Soups and sides and chilli of all kinds invite worshipers to stop and stay for lunch.  Monies raised go for meals and rides for church family members.  

The deacons seek to serve the congregation by responding to parishioners' needs for prayer, meals, rides, and notes and calls of encouragement.  They also usher funerals and serve the refreshments at receptions. 

Please consider signing up to be a "deacon helper" if you are willing and able to assist the deacons in this ministry by occasionally providing a meal or a ride, baking for a funeral reception, ushering, and/or any other forms of assistance.  We'll call you if and when we could use a hand for a particular situation or event.  If you would like to be a deacon helper, please click HERE.

 Sara Egan  Stephanie Hild Linda Addis-Mellum  Patty Reed
Deanna Swauger  Barbara Waters Karen Zielinski
 Susan Burns  Krystyna Cruickshank  
Cathy Eyberger

Tom MacDonald
Julie McMullen
Judy Naffziger

Susan Tokh

Leslie Elliott
Laurie Gilmer
Christie Miller
Cindy Padgett
Glenda Rosslillo
Kathy Schulte  
Lisa Bonomo Gary Dispensa Ruth Dispensa
 Ann Kamenjarin  
Shannon Adcock
Brianne Smith  Kristine Thornton
Jennifer Vollbrecht Molly Brischetto

Deacon Helper Form:

Deacon Helper Form

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I can help our Knox family in the following ways:

Please select each one that you can help with.

Knox Deacon Resources
Chilimania File l Cookie Walk Guidelines l Coffee Hour Instructions 

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