Resources & Updates - COVID 19


Resources & Updates - COVID 19


We here at Knox Presbyterian Church want to reach out in faith with hope and support to our church community and the broader community at large.  We were not made to do life alone, we were meant to live in community, together, even in this time of social distancing.  We want to provide you with care and support to help you and
others as we all walk through these uncertain times, each in our own way.   

We continue to worship together on Sunday mornings at 9 am via Livestream.  This worship service is recorded and available anytime HERE as well as past sermons and devotions.  We are also offering a Saturday 5 pm Vesper Prayer Service.  Check out our calendar of events on Saturdays for more details. 

We have a Facebook page HERE to keep you updated with all things Knox and sometimes fun stories and comments to make us smile & laugh!

Here is our kids Facebook page dedicated to our youth and young children.  Erin Hartman, our Director of Children and Family Ministries, updates this page daily with fun activities, books she reads to the kids and great resources shes found.  You will also see Jenna Goeringer, our Middle School Leader, sharing videos for both our JAM and G3 groups.

Knox Updates

Small Group Protocol

  • Can reserve a day and time on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 10 am & 7 pm and other times may also be available by checking with our Facility Manager, Ron Mobley
  • 20 or less people in small group inside
  • 50 or less people outside on Knox property can also be reserved
  • The facilitator of the group needs to contact Ron Mobley to sign up for a room or outdoor space
  • Then the rest of the group needs to register online using the link sent out by your group coordinator
  • When entering the church please enter through the front doors on Catalpa.
  • Please utilize the hand sanitation station before checking in.
  • Everyone scheduled for the small group gathering should check in before proceeding to the designated room.
  • No food is allowed in the church or during the gatherings
  • Thank you for following Knox’s guidelines to help keep the church community safe.

If you need assistance please call the church office 630-615-4324 or email   

Update from Cash Management & Stewardship Council

The financial statements through August reflect that Knox Presbyterian Church is in sound financial shape. Our typical monthly financial report might end there, if not for the sudden appearance of the pandemic that has us sheltering in place.  As this pandemic has impacted our worship as well as our daily work, social routines, and even grocery shopping, it also may have a financial impact.

The impact of the COVID-19 virus likely presents two financial challenges to Knox this year:  the amount of pledged and unpledged receipts and the timing of those receipts.

  • Amount - many members of our congregation may face job losses or other financial challenges in the current environment, and this could impact the amount of pledge receipts.  
  • Timing - Roughly 60% of pledged giving is received via the offering plate.  The lack of a physical offering plate may delay those receipts but Knox will still need to meet their payroll and mortgage obligations which could be a timing mismatch between receipts and payments.  

In response, the Stewardship and Cash Management Council is taking the following actions:

  • Monitoring Knox's cash flows as closely as possible and keeping our Session appraised of our status.
  • We encourage you to consider to either mail in your pledge or give online through our website. This will alleviate the timing issues mentioned above. If you need help setting this up call Michal Baker, our Financial Administrator at 630-615-4301.
  • Secured a short-term loan through the Paycheck Protection Program under the recent CARES Act passed by the Federal government  

Some of the more experienced members of our Council have reminded us that Knox has faced challenges in the past, and the congregation has always risen to the occasion.  These are challenging times, but we are optimistic that Knox will pull together and emerge stronger than ever!


I Need Help

During this time while we are not able to be together, we are committed to continuing in our mission of serving and caring for one another.  This may look different for different people. You may want someone to pray with you over the phone and offer encouragement. You may need additional resources if quarantined. Whatever it is, please reach out. We want to support you.

We can be together while apart through serving.  We very much want to hear from you! Our pastors, Deacons, Stephen Ministers are available by phone, email or video chats.  Please email us to set up a meeting or time.

I Need Prayer

It’s important to walk with you through the ups and downs of life with others. Share your prayer requests with us, and let us walk with you.  Email

Stephen Ministry - here to serve you during this difficult time.  Stephen Ministers are lay people trained in Christian Care-giving. They are available to any person experiencing a wide range of needs or crises. They offer encouragement and support through times of both joy and concern.  It's a one-on-one listening and praying time.  Please email: Pastor Cindy HERE 

I Need Assistance

Knox has a committed group of volunteers and staff that want to provide whatever assistance is needed.  Email our team at .   

I Can Help - Ways to help others

Cards of encouragement or thank you notes can be dropped off at Knox and put in the card box at the front doors. Our Deacons will take care of postage and mailing them. 

Or if you want to mail a card on your own; staff from Edward Hospital has told us that the simple act of receiving a thank you note has meant a lot to the doctors, nurses and techs that are on the front lines.  If you would like to write a note please send it to:
Edward Hospital /801 So. Washington Street / Naperville, IL 60540
In the bottom left corner write - Thank you Card for Hospital Staff 

Making Masks
If you like to sew, Knox has put out a call for people with this talent, time and desire to sew cloth face masks and donate them to Knox.  There are members who have a need now for this and we are also getting prepared for the day when we can gather again to worship.  

Debbie Cloke is the point person for this and she can answer questions about how to make them or help troubleshoot.  

Link to the CDC guidelines to make a cloth face mask HERE 

Community Partners

Loaves & Fishes relies on local grocery partners for its food rescue program. Due to the increased demand on grocery stores and processing changes, Loaves & Fishes is experiencing a significant reduction in this food supply. Additionally, we are unable to accept physical food donations now as they require many people to process which we cannot safely do in accordance with the CDC guidelines. How you can help:

Virtual Food Drive: It allows you to purchase the most needed items directly through our website. It takes 60 seconds and can be done from the comfort and safety of your home. Donate to the Virtual Food Drive 

Gift Cards for Good: For $90 you can purchase $100 gift cards for Hugo’s Frog Bar and/or Meson Sabika. Proceeds support Loaves & Fishes and the restaurants. We will mail the gift cards to you. Purchase Gift Cards For Good 

Donations: Donations can be made online or mailed to 1871 High Grove Lane, Naperville, IL 60540. Donate Today!

Together, we are providing vital food to families who most need help.  They thank you, and so do we! -Mike Havala, CEO of Loaves & Fishes Community Services.  

Teen Parent Connect - Website link HERE
You have the opportunity to invest in a young family’s success today. Every gift, large or small, makes a powerful difference in the life of a teen parent and their child!

Aurora Food Pantry - website link HERE

We frequently ask for your support to help us fulfill our mission and now we need your help more than ever. We need to collect enough grocery boxes to feed 5,000 people next week! We are pleading for the community to assemble boxes with the following items. Even if you can only fill one box, you are helping! Without your support, we won’t be able to meet the need at 100%

You may drop off boxes at 1110 Jericho Road but check schedule online for dates and times.   If you have 10 or more boxes, we can coordinate a volunteer to pick-up, please email Gail at to schedule pick-up.


Families Needing help  - how to talk to your children

From The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church USA
How to reassure children and reduce anxiety link HERE

From SamaraCare
A video from SamaraCare by Dr. Char and Dr. Lauren for suggestions on Coping With COVID-19 for Parents and Children

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