What We Believe


What We Believe

The mission of Knox Presbyterian is to LEARN, GROW and SERVE as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Statement of Belief

We believe that God has called us together to be a community of faith in Jesus Christ who alone is Head of the Church. We believe Christ has commissioned us to advance God’s kingdom through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) we believe and affirm:

  • Jesus is Lord
  • Christ gives the Church its faith and life, its unity and mission
  • The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are God’s Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, the unique and authoritative witness to Jesus Christ
  • God alone is Lord of the conscience
  • There are different gifts and different ways of serving God
  • God calls both men and women to ministry
  • We are called to a ministry of reconciliation
  • In all our human diversity, together we are one body in Christ


Knox Presbyterian will be a community where people encounter the living Christ:

  • Through their experience of welcome and worship
  • Through study of scriptures and the life of prayer
  • Through relationships in Christ and for Christ as we serve one another and the world in His name
  • Through finding ways and opportunities to grow as those who share His name and God’s Word with others

 As followers of Jesus Christ we desire to be more like him in our everyday lives, and so we seek to:

  • Carry his message of grace and forgiveness in all that we do
  • Open ourselves to being carried and empowered to do these things through grace and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in each of us and all of us together
  • Discover our gifts and develop them in our service to God

 Knox Presbyterian will be a community for all generations and all seekers.

  • Here we share the significant concourses of life, learning from one another, taking joy in our differences and sharing in the wonder of life.
  • This will be a place for those seeking the meaning of life as well as a place for faithful mentors.
  • This will be a community that, while large in size and able to enjoy the ministries of a larger congregation, will be a place where each individual and family are known and ministered to.

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