A New Playlist - Knox Fall Church Wide Study 2019


A New Playlist - Knox Fall Church Wide Study 2019

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Welcome to our Fall Church Wide Study - "A New Playlist"

This series draws a parallel between technology,which allow us to make our own “playlist” and the noise of our lives, which can challenge our connection to Jesus. In a world where internal and external conversations can be almost continual, silence is not common. 

This study can help us bridge the gap between our cultural life and our faith. Let’s come together for this reaffirming chance to expand our knowledge and practice of Christianity. Plug into “A New Playlist”.

Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up 
on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples 
came to him, and he began to teach them.”
                                                Matt 5: 1-2

Week 1 - September 8 kick off 
“Let in the Light” Scripture: Matt 6: 19-23

Week 2 - September 15
“Who is Your Master?” - Scripture: Matt. 6: 23-24

Week 3 - September 22
“Do Not Be Afraid” Scripture: Matt. 6: 25-27

Week 4 - September 29
“Rule Followers, Rule Breakers” Scripture: Matt 7: 9-12

Week 5 - October 6 - Also World Communion Sunday
“The Right Words” Scripture: Matt. 7: 21

Week 6 - October 13
”The Power of Connection” Scripture: Matt. 7: 24-27

Week 7 - October 20
“It’s a Wrap-Your New Playlist? Our New Playlist”
Scripture: Matt. 5: 1-2


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