The Jesus Way - Fall Study 2020


The Jesus Way - Fall Study 2020

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Welcome To Our Fall Study -
"The Jesus Way"

When the word “Christian” was first used in the First Century, it was apparently intended as a derogatory put-down, a slur, to describe those who believed Jesus really was the Messiah, the Christ, as he and his followers claimed. We’ve come a long way since then, but plenty of people today hold Christians in a less than favorable light and don’t know who we really are.

Over the past two thousand years, this singular word has warmed the hearts of some and created fear in others. In our day, it often describes political subsets or institutional religion. It has become more of a label than a life.

Jesus came to bring God’s gift of life to those who were open to it. He spoke of this life as entering and living as citizens of the Kingdom of God. It is less a religion and more a movement of believers or disciples or followers. One definition of Christians is that we are people who are on the way (or path) of Jesus who are to live increasingly in the ways of Jesus.

What is this way? What makes it the most amazing way of life there is? What forms the critical, formational bones of this faith that has so impacted the world and is to compel us in all we believe and do?

Knox is on a very important journey at this time. It is a time between, from the departure of one installed lead pastor to the arrival of the next. This timeframe, this interim period, is an opportunity for us to delve deeply into who we have been, who we are and who God is calling us to be as a particular congregation in a particular community at this particular time.

It is vitally important for us to make sure we understand the foundational characteristics we are to embrace as the people of God. It is only as we grasp what Jesus taught and did in his 1st Century context that we can embrace all he asks of us in our 21st Century life. Join us as we listen to Jesus in a fresh way this Fall and build on the mission he has given us.

  • We need leaders/ facilitators for this special fall study.  All the material will be provided and help is available if needed.  As pastor Pat says in his video below, you do not need to be a Bible scholar to do this!  Please email Bev at  if you are interested.  Give it a try! 
  • You can do it via zoom, you can have friends over in your backyard if you are comfortable doing that, you can get together in a park or an outdoor restaurant!
  • We are using a study guide (links above) & the Bible for this special fall sermon series. 

An invitation from Pastor Pat to the fall study - The Jesus Way

Week 1 - September 13
Luke 15:1-7
Theme: Fully yielded to Jesus

Week 2 - September 20
Psalm 23
Theme: God is in control

Week 3 - September 27
Matthew 11:28-30
Theme: Lifelong learners

Week 4 - October 4
John 15:1-8
Theme: Proof is in the product

Week 5 - October 11
Romans 12:9-18
Theme: Love one another

Week 6 - October 18
John 10:1-10
Theme: Listening to the master

Week 7 - October 25
Matthew 28:16-20
Theme: The world needs us

Interested?  Sign up below or let us know what day(s) & times may work for you and we will give you more information on new groups as they form.  We also need more facilitators, please consider signing up to do that.  A study guide will be provided and a quick overview session will be offered.  If you are already in a group, you don't have to sign up again.

The Jesus Way - Fall Study 2020

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