Advent 2018


Advent 2018

Advent Sermon Series 2018
Dec 2 - Hope l Dec 9 - Peace l Dec 16  - Joy l Dec 23 - Love 

“Awaiting the Already”-Advent Through The Eyes of The Gospel Writers Book by Magrey R. deVega

Advent best captures the dynamic tension between the past and the future, in a way that fills us with hopeful anticipation in the present. Advent is not a time of pretending that Jesus has never been born; it is a time of preparing for what that birth means for us today.

December 2-First Week of Advent - Hope

“Slow Down, Pay Attention”

The Gospel of Mark Texts:  Proverbs 4:25-26, Mark 1:1-8

December 9-Second Week of Advent - Peace    

“Joseph and Herod-The Saint and the Villain”

The Gospel of Matthew; Texts:  Jeremiah 33:14-16, Matthew 1:22-25; 2:7-8

December 16-Third Week of Advent - Joy 

“The Ultimate Advent Playlist”

The Gospel of Luke Texts:  Luke 2:28-35

December 23-Fourth Week of Advent - Love  

“Piercing Light”

The Gospel of John; Texts:  John 1:1-18, selected

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