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Calendar & Classes

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Knox Sunday School Ministry meets year-round at all services; Sunday 9:00 am and 10:30 am and Saturday .  Children are welcome to participate in Sunday School or remain with their parents in the Sanctuary.   

Sunday School Calendar

School-Year Program runs from first Sunday after Labor Day through the Sunday before the Memorial Day Weekend.

Summer Program runs from the Sunday after Memorial Day through the Sunday before the Labor Day Weekend.

*The Knox Sunday School does not meet on:

  • Sunday of Labor Day Weekend
  • Sunday after Thanksgiving
  • Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s Day
  • First Sunday of the Naperville School District’s Spring Break (usually)
  • Easter
  • Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend
  • July 4th weekend

Where does Sunday School meet?

Preschool children can be dropped off in the classroom (Room 209 for school-year; Room 14 for summer) before the service begins or sit with family or friends for beginning of the service like the older children. There will be someone from the Preschool class to meet children when they leave the service for Sunday School. 

Children in the Kindergarten through Middle School sit with their families for the beginning of worship. After the Children’s Message, those who choose can meet up with their teachers just outside the sanctuary’s main doors and go to their Sunday School classes. Children are also welcome to stay in Worship with their family or friends. In the summer, the Middle School class doesn’t meet.

Sunday School sessions at 9:00 and 10:30 run until 10:05 and 11:35, respectively. Friends & Family of children in 3rd Grade or younger are asked to pick up their children from their classrooms. During the School-year, these classrooms are on the second floor. Follow signs in the hallways. During the summer, these children are in Lehman Hall (gym).


During the School-Year Program, our classes are:

  • Preschool - Age 3, potty trained through year before Kindergarten    
  • K & 1st Grade
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade
  • 4th & 5th Grades
  • Middle School - 6th & 7th Grades; 8th Grade Youth are welcome in the Middle School Sunday School classes but these classes are not a Confirmation Class. Our Confirmation program is for 8th grade youth. Click here for more information on Knox’s Confirmation Program. (link)

 During the Summer Program, we have two classes which are:

  • Sandbox Set: age 3 (potty trained) to entering Kindergarten. These children meet in room 12 in hallway behind Fellowship Hall, at the start of worship.
  • Playground Pack: entering 1st to 5th Grades. These children sit with their parents for the beginning of worship. After the service, these children are picked up in Lehman Hall (gym).

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