During 8th grade, Knox offers a dynamic Confirmation Program from September through April. This 8-month program helps students to learn more deeply what it means to be a Christian with weekly classes, large group instruction, and several fellowship and service project activities throughout the year. The program culminates with a Weekend of Decision and public pledge to follow Christ on Confirmation Sunday.
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Confirmation Calendar Below

Weekly outline in PDF format HERE

Weekly videos and homework

Sept 20

Who Wrote The Bible?
Sept 27
No Video
Can I Trust the Bible?
Oct 11
No Video
Why Should I Read the Bible?
oct 18
The Apostles Creed
No homework

Oct 25
Is God Male?
Nov  1
How Can God Be Three-In-One?
Nov 8
Is The Holy Spirit a Person?
Nov 15
Was Jesus God?
Nov 21
If Jesus was God Why Did He Have to Die?
Dec 6
Can God Stop Loving Us?
Jan 10
Jan 31
Why Should I Pray?
Feb 28
Can You Accept the Theory of Evolution and be Christian?
March 7
Is it a Sin to Think About Sex?
March 14
Is it Okay to be Angry at God?
March 21
Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?