Stewardship & Generosity Videos


Stewardship & Generosity Videos

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Hearts of Hope

In a video produced by CurtisArtisticProductions, the Hearts of Hope ministry at Knox offer compassion, encouragement and hope to those in need.

Our Building, Our Foundation

In a video produced by CurtisArtisticProductions, young Brady Williams takes the congregation on a tour of the Knox Campus. During his tour, he showcases the heavy use of the building and how we need your support to keep the building in tip-top shape.

A Handful of Rice

Called to serve God from the corner of the kitchen, where no one but God sees their generosity, the women of Mizoram, in northeastern India, have created a culture of generational generosity. Described as a revolution, these women, no matter how little they have for themselves, set aside one handful of rice with every meal they prepare for their families. The rice, resold by the church, raises more than a half million dollars a year for Christian ministry.


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