Bible Studies


Bible Studies

All classes welcome newcomers with any amount of biblical knowledge at any time. You can email the facilitator of the class or  to sign up and find out more information on any of our classes!


9:00 am - Class is facilitated by Brooks & Jan Reid via Zoom.

10:30 am -  This class is facilitated by Jim Clinton in Room 202 and is on hold for right now. As soon as we are able to meet again the video offering will be Living the Questions in which contemporary church leaders and theologians address basic issues of the Christian faith. We are considering conducting the class on Zoom.

7:00 pm -  Class is facilitated by Frank Mayer via Zoom.


9:00 am - Men's Bible study and the class is facilitated by Frank Mayer via Zoom.

9:15 am - 11:00 am - Class for women is facilitated by Sue Curry and is on hold right now.

1:30 pm - This class is for women and facilitated by Kedra Smith via Zoom.    


9:15 am - 11:15 am - Women on Wednesdays - Class for women is facilitated Margaret Lambka & Robin Kolar via Zoom.

10:00 am - Knox Kids can join Ms Erin for this special Bible study via zoom.  Please email

7:30 pm - The class is for women and is facilitated by  Daryl Varney and Luise Warren via Zoom.


6:00 am - Men’s Daybreakers Group is meeting via Zoom; to be added to their e-mail list contact Joan Tanck at

9:30 am - 11:00 am - This class is facilitated by Rev. Cindy Karis via Zoom.

7:00 pm - Class for Young Adult Group, led by Darin Nettleton via Zoom.        


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