Bible Studies


Bible Studies

All classes welcome newcomers with any amount of biblical knowledge at any time.


9:00 am -  Adam Hamilton’s new book, Simon Peter.  Study and discussion lead by Brooks and Jan Reid, Room 202.

10:30 am - Video study, “The History of Christianity II, From the Reformation to the Modern Megachurch” by Molly Worthen,        This study is facilitated by Jim Clinton in Room 202. 

7:00 pm - We will study Adam Hamilton’s book, Simon Peter.  Facilitated by Frank Mayer in the Middle School Room.


9:00 am - Simon Peter by Adam Hamilton.  Class is for men and is facilitated by Frank Mayer in the Middle School Room. 

9:15 am - 11:00 am - Continuing the study of Beth Moore’s        Believing God.  Class for women is facilitated by Sue Curry in Room 203.  There is no class on the second Tuesday of any month.  Contact with questions.            

1:15 pm - Study of Acts, using the book, The Story Continues by J. Ellsworth Kalas; and is led by  Jenny Hubbard; class is for women and will be in the Conference Room (formerly Rev. Deb Roberts’ office).    

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Young Adult Fellowship, open to all twenty-somethings, meets every week in the Senior High Room (the basement of the church).  For details, contact Darin Nettleton or visit   


9:15 am - 11:15 am - Women on Wednesdays - continuing the study of the Gospel of John using the book John - the Way to True Life (a LifeGuide Bible Study).  We welcome women of all ages and Biblical knowledge and childcare is provided for little ones from birth through age 5.  The morning includes coffee, fellowship, Bible Study, and prayer.  If you have questions contact Robin Kolar or Margaret Lambka.

7:30 pm - Class for women facilitated by Victoria Hoggatt and Luise Warren in the Conference Room continues a study on The Parables of Jesus - the Backside; this class will run until the middle of April.  Each chapter stands alone so you may attend any time and not be behind.

7:30 pm - A Lenten study called Entering the Passion of Jesus by Amy-Jill Levine.  This study will run from March 13 through April 17, and is facilitated by Rev. Eric Heinekamp at First Presbyterian Church of DuPage (180 North Weber Road, Bolingbrook) in the youth room.  Books will be available but are not required.


6:00 am - Men’s Daybreakers Group; meets at the Coffee Bar; normally facilitated by Rev. Clinton Roberts; to be added to  their e-mail list email contact Joan Tanck.

9:30 am - 11:00 am - A study of Simon Peter by Adam Hamilto; co-ed class facilitated by Rev. Cindy Karis in the Middle School Room.

7:00 pm - all are invited to this class that meets the fourth Thursday of each month.  Jesus gave us all a model for everyday interactions with family, friends, and total strangers regarding how to share our faith.  Our group—Muslims, Christians, and Jesus, is studying a book called 42 Seconds by author Carl Medearis, centered around building Christian/Muslim relationships.  Email Bob Badertscherat or call 630-768-8547 with questions. 

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