Bible Studies


Bible Studies

All classes welcome newcomers with any amount of biblical knowledge at any time.

Bible Study Groups l Weekly topic information

Week 1
September 8 kick off  - “Let in the Light”
Scripture: Matt 6: 19-23

Week 2 - September 15
“Who is Your Master?” 
Scripture: Matt. 6: 23-24

Week 3 - September 22
“Do Not Be Afraid” 
Scripture: Matt. 6: 25-27

Week 4 - September 29
“Rule Followers, Rule Breakers” 
Scripture: Matt 7: 9-12

Week 5 - October 6 - Also World Communion Sunday
“The Right Words” 
Scripture: Matt. 7: 21

Week 6 - October 13
“The Power of Connection” Scripture: Matt. 7: 24-27

Week 7 - October 20
“It’s a Wrap-Your New Playlist? Our New Playlist” Scripture: Matt. 5: 1-2

Bible Study Groups - Sign up in the Commons

9:00 am
-  A New Playlist - study and discussion lead by Brooks and Jan Reid, Room 202.

5:00 pm  - A New Playlist - study and discussion lead by Darin Nettleton in Conference room. 

7:00 pm - A New Playlist - facilitated by Frank Mayer in the Middle School Room.

9:00 am
- A New Playlist - Class is for men and is facilitated by Frank Mayer in the Middle School Room. 

9:15 am - 11:00 am - TBD            

1:15 pm - A New Playlist - Study and discussion lead by Jenny Hubbard in Conference Room.    

9:15 am - 11:15 am
- Women On Wednesdays Ladies! Are you wondering what to do on Wednesday mornings? Why not come to Women on Wednesdays and join with other women for a morning of Bible Study and fellowship? Women on Wednesdays will begin Wednesday, Sept 11 with a brand new study - "Relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit" by Elizabeth George. This is a study of the Book of Acts and we welcome new members! We meet from 9:15 - 11:15 and the morning includes coffee, fellowship, Bible Study and prayer. We welcome women of all ages and Bible knowledge and childcare for little ones from birth through age 5 is available. You may sign up online or just come on Sept 11!  If you have questions contact Robin Kolar or Margaret Lambka.  

7:30 pm - A New Playlist, study and discussion group for women facilitated by Luise Warren & Arlene Beslic. 

7:30 pm - A New Playlist - study and discussion led by Rev. Eric Heinekamp at First Presbyterian Church of DuPage (180 North Weber Road, Bolingbrook) in the youth room.  

6:00 am
- Men’s Daybreakers Group; meets at the Coffee Bar; normally facilitated by Rev. Dave Handley; to be added to  their e-mail list email contact Joan Tanck.

9:30 am - 11:00 am - A New Playlist - study and discussion lead by Rev. Cindy Karis in the Middle School Room.

7:00 - 8:30 pm - A New Playlist - Young Adult Fellowship, open to all twenty-somethings, meets First and Third Thursdays in the Senior High Room (the basement of the church).  For details, contact Darin Nettleton or visit 

7:00 pm - all are invited to this class that meets the fourth Thursday of each month.  Jesus gave us all a model for everyday interactions with family, friends, and total strangers regarding how to share our faith.  Our group—Muslims, Christians, and Jesus, is studying a book called 42 Seconds by author Carl Medearis, centered around building Christian/Muslim relationships.  Email Bob Badertscherat or call 630-768-8547 with questions. 

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