Dinner for Eight


Dinner for Eight

The goal of Dinner for 8 is to meet new people and strengthen connections within the Knox family.

  • Registration will be from December 4 - January 8 in the Commons or online below.
  • Two hosts will be assigned to each group (one for each dinner).
  • Hosts will contact their group to determine a date.
  • A theme may be selected by the host for each dinner.
  • Serving alcoholic beverages is left to the discretion of each host.
  • A substitute list will be maintained and each guest is responsible for obtaining a substitute if not able to attend.
  • Dinners are for adults only.
  • Groups are encouraged to make adjustments based on what works best for their group members.

Host provides:

  • their home for dinner & Entrée for 8 / Beverages (can assign others to assist if offering beer and/or wine) / Bread or rolls

Appetizer person provides:

  •  Appetizers for 8

Vegetable / Salad person:

  • provides A vegetable and/or salad and checks with the host to see what may go well with the entrée

Dessert person provides:

  • Dessert to serve 8

Beginning in January, groups of 8 adults will be organized for each Dinner for 8 group. Each group will plan two dinners between January and May. After the group decides on a date, the host will choose a theme and assign each dinner group member a dish to share. This is not a gourmet dinner club, but an opportunity to strengthen and deepen the relationships between those who attend Knox Church.

Can’t commit to joining a group? Sign-up to be on the Substitute List. Registration sheets will be in the Commons beginning in December or you can sign-up online below.  If you have questions, contact Joan DuChane (630.747.8513) or Diane Mittelhauser 630.369.3923. 

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