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Your coins benefit Presbyterian Hunger Programs.

Cents-Ability originated in 1976 as a “Two-Cents-A-Meal” project begun by Presbyterian Women to involve individuals and families in a corporate response to world hunger. Your coins benefit Presbyterian Hunger Programs. Knox collects coins to support this mission, look for the jar.

Learn where your gifts have been and will be at work! - Cents-Ability Gifts at Work Around the World in 2020

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Mission Highlight

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Highlighting one of our newer Mission partners, Jake and Gina Anderson with Wycliffe Bible Translators: Jake and Gina, along with their 4 kids, live on the edge of the Amazon. Jake is a pilot who regularly flies into remote Amazon villages to transport missionary doctors and Wycliffe Bible translators to provide Bibles in the native tribal languages. Jake and Gina have made a 20-year commitment to this vital work of spreading God’s love.



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