Wayside Cross Ministries

Missions & Outreach Student Ministry

Wayside Cross is a Christian ministry serving people in need living in the Fox Valley area through the following outreach efforts:

  • Lifespring serving women in need
  • Master’s Touch serving men in need
  • Urban Youth serving young people from at risk environments
  • Hope Outreach providing job training, clothing, furniture and appliances through a resale shop
  • New Life Corrections serving men in prison

Fill a Truck Sunday

Each spring Wayside Cross Ministries truck for our Annual “Fill-A-Truck” Sunday. Clean your closets, dresser drawers, and storage areas. Give us your outgrown or ratty clothes.

Your donation of CLEAN CLOTHING will help us serve hundreds of people with meals, clothing, and lodging. Your clothing will either be distributed through the Community Outreach Program or turned into $$$ for WCM in the Hope Chest Resale Store. Even ripped or torn clothing is turned into $$$ by recycling to organizations that provide clothing to 3rd world countries.

Because of a limited number of personnel and the large variety of donations we can only receive clothing; games and small children’s toys, toiletries for both men and women; and unopened products of Tylenol and seasonal allergy medicine.

If you would like to donate furniture or large items at any time, WCM is interested. Arrangements can be made for furniture pick-ups by calling Wayside Cross Ministries 630-892-4239 or filling out the form at waysidecross.org. If you would like to know more about this mission opportunity or Wayside Cross Ministries, contact Gary McGregor.

Not Sure Where to Serve?

We will be happy to help you get connected.

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Mission Highlight

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Highlighting one of our newer Mission partners, Jake and Gina Anderson with Wycliffe Bible Translators: Jake and Gina, along with their 4 kids, live on the edge of the Amazon. Jake is a pilot who regularly flies into remote Amazon villages to transport missionary doctors and Wycliffe Bible translators to provide Bibles in the native tribal languages. Jake and Gina have made a 20-year commitment to this vital work of spreading God’s love.



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