SamaraCare Counseling

SamaraCare Counseling  is a faith-based counseling center founded by Knox Presbyterian Church and three other Naperville churches in 1971. It provides spiritually integrated, therapeutic counseling to individuals, couples, children, and families, regardless of religious affiliation. Circumstances can sometimes interfere with one's ability to cope, and we may need to seek outside help. SamaraCare Counseling is here to help individuals reach balance and wellness in their lives and can help restore hope to those who may be struggling with life's situations.

SamaraCare counseling services address issues such as:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Marital relationships
  • Major life transitions
  • Job/career changes
  • Grief and loss
  • Spectrum disorders
  • Learning disabilities

SamaraCare can help provide counseling at an affordable cost for those unable to afford the care they need. For your convenience, you may log onto an anonymous online depression screening tool at

Watch the video on How to maintain good mental health during Covid-19 Pandemic by Dr. Scott Mitchell Psy.D.

Current Knox members serving on the SamaraCare Board of Directors are Amanda Hartley and Bill Smith.

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Mission Highlight

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Highlighting one of our newer Mission partners, Jake and Gina Anderson with Wycliffe Bible Translators: Jake and Gina, along with their 4 kids, live on the edge of the Amazon. Jake is a pilot who regularly flies into remote Amazon villages to transport missionary doctors and Wycliffe Bible translators to provide Bibles in the native tribal languages. Jake and Gina have made a 20-year commitment to this vital work of spreading God’s love.



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