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The Village Smith 11/13

by Pat Smith on November 13, 2020

What was your first reaction to the news when media outlets declared that the ticket of Biden/Harris had reached the electoral college threshold of 270 so they would be the next President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect of the United States? Did you feel relief? Did you feel disappointment? Joy? Fear? Peace? Anxiety? It is so obvious that our sentiments and convictions find us in quite different places as fellow citizens. 
This is also true as fellow-Jesus-followers in our Knox family. I am so glad there is not only room for us all in Knox, but that our convictions are all about intentionally welcoming everyone into the richness of life in Christ Jesus. Just as Jesus sits at table with all his disciples, we do the same. We get to connect in fellowship, build each other up in the faith and pursue ways to make a difference in our community, nation and world for God’s glory. Sincere love, the love of God, is the beautiful, compelling center of our life and ministry. I’m deeply grateful for this. 
I saw a piece on filmmaker Ken Burns earlier this week. Known for his style of using archival footage, photographs and music in his work, he is a story teller of epic proportions. In my mind, it is not the epic part of his work that most endears him. It is the detail, the quote from an archived letter or the image never published before, that makes his work so powerful. The sweeping bigness combines with the revealing intimacy in a way that doesn’t just recount a story. It invites all viewers to be part of the same story and take it forward as our own.
God’s story has always been super-big and super-intimate. It invites us, all of us, to be part of this amazing epic that counts on every one of us. Each of us matters. Each of us matters to one another and to God. Haven’t we sensed that, haven’t we been touched by this and haven’t we had our lives more and more transformed by this? For all that is coming next, I count it a definitive blessing to travel with all of you for all that God has in store as we step forward together. 
It’s good to be in touch in these remote days, 

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