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The Village Smith 12/4

by Pat Smith on December 04, 2020

Two Biden family storylines captured time in news cycles over this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The second seemed to overshadow the first, though I’m not sure it should have. Maybe you will agree. 
The news that broke Sunday night was that the President-Elect had been taken to an emergency room. Now, that truly is breaking news if this visit was about something that threatened Mr. Biden’s health. It turns out he turned his ankle while playing with Major, one of the Biden's two German Shepherd dogs. What was hoped to be a sprain was confirmed to include at least one hairline fracture. I’m glad the breaking (all pun intended) news was no more drastic than that. I pray for quick and complete healing. 
The earlier news item made mention that the First Couple-Elect was considering the addition of a cat to their family as they prepare to take up residence in the White House. Human interest stories about our presidents and their families are nice touches. Much has been made about presidential family pets over the years. It is not out of keeping, then, to see this item reported.
Part of the conjecture about a cat and dogs inhabiting shared space in the White House took on governance overtones. One writer offered that this could “represent [this] president’s hopes for the nation . . . a desire to unify the country.” I like the imagery. I’m a big fan of cooperative, aim-for-the-same-goal, unifying coalescence for the common good. If a cat does become part of the future First Family, I hope it goes well and that these pets do not fight like, well, like cats and dogs. I can also say I pray for cooperative unity for all our nation’s leaders and us as a people. Maybe a cat and two German Shepherds can show us the way.
It’s good to be in touch in these remote days.

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