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The Village Smith 2/26

by Pat Smith on February 26, 2021

I was startled Tuesday. I hadn’t paid enough attention to weather information to know the temperature would be in the low forties that morning. I went through my many-weeks custom of putting on my winter coat and scarf and gloves as I headed out the door of our place. As I stepped outside it felt like I was in the tropics. What a fun surprise!
We’ve had a lot of snow this winter. I say this advisedly because there easily could be more on the way before we are done. With the amount of snow on the ground, it will take awhile for all of it to disappear. The melting process is slowed by colder overnight temps and where surfaces are shaded. We all know the drill. 
We also all know how good it is to move into Spring for all it brings with it. There is the hope that, as much as any of us may like winter, the glories of warm temps will begin to transform everything to full life and vibrancy with budding trees and new growth all around. This year it also includes the hope of more vaccinations and our world tilting toward greater good. Maybe you feel this hope, this longing, more than in recent years, as I do.
Most change we desire doesn’t come fast enough to suit us. Where something is awkward or difficult, we want that tension to dissipate quickly, if not immediately. Living with the transition, living in it, requires patience and grace as we do our part to bring the change we so desire and our world so needs. May we carry ourselves well each step of the way.
Grateful to journey with you in this season,

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