Pastor Search Information


Pastor Search Information

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Why is there an Interim Pastor Search Committee (IPSC)?

The Committee is a diverse group of Knox Presbyterian members. It has been formed to follow the search and call processes and procedures as outlined by the Presbytery Church (USA), which are both thorough and time-tested. The interim pastoral call process is guided by Jesus Christ, the head of the Church, who provides the committee with all it needs.

In following Christ, the committee seeks to discern the will of God for the church’s vision and ministry, including discerning whom God is calling into pastoral leadership with Knox Presbyterian's congregation.  In the pastoral call process it is God who calls and it is us who will listen. 

The pastoral call process, therefore, is not simply hiring a new employee for the church as would be done in a secular workplace.  It is participating in God’s own choice for the church by opening ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit who will guide, nudge, empower, inspire, comfort and inform us in the journey toward finding new pastoral leadership. 

Who is on the Interim Pastor Search Committee?

Steve Bennett (Committee Chair), Shannon Adcock, Deb Beaird, Rob Bednar, Norm Canfield, Robin Kolar, Jeff Mach, Brooks Reid, Barb Silverman, and Christy Stephan

What is the process for finding an Interim Pastor?

During a time of pastoral transition, the congregation is invited to engage in a prayerful process to reconfirm its call to ministry-what God wants the church to be and do in the next phase of its life. The committee has embarked on a thorough process of discovering who God is calling to be the Pastor in the next chapter of Knox's life and ministry. The process involves consultation with the Presbytery, review of Personal Information Forms (PIF/resumes), weekly discussions, and updates provided to session. 

When would an Interim Pastor start at Knox?

The IPSC is in the process of reviewing PIFs for an Interim Pastor to begin after Pastor Dave Handley's Interim assignment: January 2020. The role of Interim will be one of Senior Pastor/Head of Staff who will be experienced in transitional leadership while embracing the vision and ministry of Knox Presbyterian.

Who will be called after the Interim?

Once the Interim is settled as Senior Pastor/Head of Staff, a prayerful and lengthy Call Process will begin for a Full-Time Senior Pastor. A sample of the process may be viewed below and would take place over 1-2 years depending on Pastoral Nominating Committee and Congregational timelines. 

The IPSC is happy to answer any questions or concerns during this search process.

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