Pastor Nominating Committee Details

Report from the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has respectfully and joyfully accepted the charge put forth by the Session to nominate a slate of 9 Congregation members to serve as our Pastor Nominating Committee. Consistent with Knox’s recent practice, the PNC must include both an Elder from the current Session and a youth member of the Congregation.

At the March 8th Session meeting, Rev. Beth Wagner, who is a transition advisor with the Chicago Presbytery, discussed the new pastor search process, including selecting the PNC and the procedures involved once the PNC is in place.  The PNC begins its work once it is elected at a Congregation meeting.

Rev. Wagner indicated the Nominating Committee needs to make sure the PNC covers the demographics of church membership. Further, she said candidates for the PNC should:

  • Be knowledgeable about the church and community;
  • Be people who joyously love Knox and are lifted up in their belief in, and commitment to, Knox.
  • Be knowledgeable about Presbyterian theology and government;
  • Be able to make the necessary time commitment;
  • Be passionate, with energy and wisdom;
  • Be able to hold confidentiality of the PNC’s activities, especially as to names of pastors who are reviewed and interviewed;
  • Have at least one Session member on the PNC
  • Have a youth representative.

Rev. Wagner further suggested that at least one Session member should be on the PNC.  There is no time frame, or limit, on the work of the PNC.  Those serving on the PNC will likely be doing so for at least a year, with the possibility that for long stretches there will be weekly meetings.

Once it is selected, the first task for the PNC is to draft a church information statement, commonly called the Ministry Information Form (MIF). This is a comprehensive statement about Knox, statement of its mission, and description of the position and leadership qualities a pastor candidate needs. Once the MIF is finalized and approved by Session and Presbytery it is submitted to the PCUSA. The MIF is entered into a database and made available for review by potential pastor candidates.

The Nominating Committee is now meeting and working to establish a representative slate of Knox members for consideration at a Congregational meeting.  The Committee is creating its list of members for consideration to slate for the PNC. 

The committee is also accepting suggestions from Knox members who want to name a fellow member, or themselves, for consideration by the Nominating Committee. The suggestions should include the information found here.  The committee has an email for this purpose: . Suggestions can also be mailed or delivered to Knox. Delivery can be accomplished by placing a sealed envelope in the ‘mail’ box kept at the front door. This box is checked regularly throughout the day.

Please submit your signed suggestions by April 30, 2021!


The Nominating Committee, Neil Goltermann, Moderator, Randy Johnson, Co-Moderator, Jennifer Vollbrecht, Bonnie Olson, Joe O’Brien, Brianne Smith & Molly Evans