Pastor's Letter


Pastor's Letter

Advent 2018

Dear Friends,
Perhaps you are familiar with the Christmas fable of The Three Trees. It paints a picture of our Advent theme. We find a story of awaiting with expectation, unexpected surprise and God's promise fulfilled.

The three saplings begin life together atop a hill and as they grow, they share their hopes with one another for their futures. One imagines she will become a carpenter's beautiful carved treasure chest filled with extravagant things. Another anticipates becoming the bow of a grand sailing ship, built to carry Kings and Queens. The third hopes to remain in the forest, ever taller and stronger, pointing toward the heavens. Over the years the trees grow strong side by side as they await their fulfillment.

The three trees receive an unexpected surprise however when the first becomes a mere feed trough for animals rather than a treasure chest, the second becomes the hull of a mere fishing vessel rather than a grand ship and the last... because of its height and strength, is cut down for use as a pole. The fable concludes with the trees discovery that their purpose is God's purpose being fulfilled through them. The feed trough holds the treasure of the baby Jesus, infant King. The small vessel becomes a fishing boat that carries Jesus back and forth across the Sea of Galilee and the last one becomes the tall tree of the cross, raising our Savior toward the heavens as his life is given for us. 

This saying comes to us from the ancient church - it is "Christ has come. Christ is coming and Christ will come again".  As we prepare for Advent once again and the celebration of His birth, you and I could add the word "already" to the end of each of these acclamations!  We are able to confirm Christ entry into the world and into our lives-Jesus, our Emmanuel:
     Christ has come (already)
     Christ is coming (already at work in our lives)
     and Christ will come again (already promised by God). 
And so we find ourselves upon the blessed and sacred journey of “Awaiting the Already”.

We extend our deepest gratitude to you this season! We see God's promises and purpose at work through you and through this humble vessel called Knox. We pray that you will find strengthening trust and hope as God's promise is (already) fulfilled yet simultaneously being renewed in the hearts of all who receive Him.
Yours in Christ,
Deb and Clinton

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