Pastor's Letter


Pastor's Letter

God of Grace and Glory,

The Old Year is parked and the New Year is waiting like this car in my spiritual driveway, engine idling, front door ajar.  Lord, I’ve believed it’s my own car, but it isn’t.  You gave it to me—as You have given me everything else I need.  Now give me one thing more:  the grace to trust You to drive!  Let me climb into the seat right next to You and invite You to sit behind the wheel.  Give me childlike, imaginative expectancy and curiosity enough to ask, “Where are we going to go today?”  And then, Lord, let me take the Route that You have mapped for me—and may all my roads be blessed.

God, I do not and cannot know all that lies in store for me in 2019.  But I believe You hold my future as you have faithfully held my past.  So give me faith enough to greet with hope each new day as it rises, trusting You to drive me safely through the towns and villages, the open fields and big city streets that describe and define my living.  Keep me aware of Your signposts, Lord, and mindful of others.  Help me to be careful for other cars travelling in similar—or opposing—directions.  And when You think that I’ve got a good grasp of where we’re heading, Lord, I’m happy to spell You at the wheel!  I promise to slow down for little children and Canada geese and anything else in Your glorious Creation You happen to put in my way.  I promise to turn my headlights on in dark places and my windshield wipers when sorrows come pelting down.  I promise to stop and watch Your beautiful sunsets with friends and strangers alike.  I promise to keep my family safely belted-in (and reasonably quiet) in the backseat!  And Lord, if You show me the Map, I’ll keep my tires inflated, my oil clean and my gas tank equal to the distance You want me to go.

Dear God, when I reach my final destination, and I see Your house high on the hill twinkling with a golden light pouring out from the open door, let me see You standing there in the doorway, like a mother waiting for her child’s safe return.

And then may I step into Your embrace... my journey over, back home again, safe and sound!

Blessings in Christ,


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