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New Sanctuary Flower Schedule

New Process Effective beginning Sunday, May 1, 2021

Starting in May 2021, as we come back to in-person worship services, it is my pleasure to invite all those wishing to celebrate or honor special days in their lives, to place an order for a fresh flower arrangement for the Sanctuary for Worship Services.

Each flower arrangement cost is $45.00.

  • Pay by credit card - select give one time gift from Give page or click here and complete the form: $45 amount, from the drop down menu select Sanctuary flowers
  • Pay by check - make checks payable to “Knox” and write “Sanctuary Flowers” on the memo line, mail or drop off at Knox.

Please email Elizabeth Nelson with any questions.

Please provide the following information:

Sanctuary Flower Sign Up

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Please specify if you want to pick up flowers or leave flowers.

If unable to pick up, your delivery address