Our Team

Joan Tanck

Office Director

Office: 630-615-4309

    Hi!  Glad you clicked on me - How can I help?  If I can help you with ANYTHING Knox related I will!   I’ve been a member of Knox since 2002 and I have been lucky to be on staff twice.  I’m glad they take returns.

    I have a degree in Human Resource Management with a minor in Conflict Resolution from North Central College.  I'm originally from MN, but have lived in Naperville with my family since 1998.  If you are from MN too - WOO HOO, high 5's!  

    My husband Rudi and I have 3 children and a daughter-in-law.  We love our Knox family and the extended support and fellowship that our church offers to everyone.  God is indeed very very good!

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