Sunday School

Knox Sunday School is a place where children learn to know God, grow as beloved children of God, and serve as valued members of the Body of Christ.  

The Knox Sunday School Ministry meets year-round at all services; Sunday at 9:00 am and 10:30 am and Saturday Worship at 5:00 pm. Children ages three through middle school, are welcome to participate in Sunday School or remain with their parents in the Sanctuary. You will find children’s, worship activity bags, activity sheets and bibles in the back of the Sanctuary.

We value children as God’s unique and special creations.
We value parents as a child’s first and primary faith teacher.
We value our volunteers as reflections of the living God.
We value all that children can do to serve God and to contribute to the Body of Christ.

Sunday School Teachers:
Knox Sunday School Teachers are volunteers from our congregation. Both our lead teachers and assistant teachers attend a Safe Haven training before working with the children of Knox. Each class has both a lead teacher and an assistant teacher each week. If you would like to know more about being a part of the Sunday School Ministry at Knox, please contact Erin Hartman, Sunday School and Family Ministries Coordinator at  

Sunday School Through The Year

The school year program runs from the first Sunday after Labor Day through the Sunday before the Memorial Day weekend. On any of the days that Sunday School does not meet, we would love to welcome them to participate in our worship service. During our worship service, children 3 years (potty-trained) through 7th grade begin worship with their families. After listening to the Children’s message, a mini-discussion tailored specifically toward them, they are invited to meet their Sunday School teachers outside of the Sanctuary doors before heading to their Sunday School rooms. Parents or Guardians of children in 2nd grade or younger, are asked to pick up their children from their classrooms and sign them out. Children who are in 3rd grade or older, will be released when service is complete.

Dates that Sunday School does not meet:
Sunday of Labor Day Weekend
Sunday after Thanksgiving
Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s Day
First Sunday of Naperville School District’s Spring Break (usually)
Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend

Exact dates can be found on the Children and Family Events Calendar

During the school year, our children are immersed in lessons from the bible as they learn about God and their church. Children ages three through 5th grade are taught with the Deep Blue Curriculum. The scope of the curriculum teach various stories from both the Old and New Testament. If children would like to connect more at home, there is a free app available (
During the school year, our middle school children are taught with a curriculum called LINC, which stands for “Living in Christ.” This curriculum connects the bible stories and lessons to current events.

9 am Classes
Preschool through Kindergarten
1st through 3rd Grade
4th through Middle School

10:30 am Classes
Preschool through 1st Grade
2nd through 5th Grade
Middle School

Summer Sunday School

Our Summer Sunday School program runs from the Sunday after Memorial Day though the Sunday before the Labor Day Weekend. It is offered during our first service during the Summer time. A brief lesson, geared more towards the various sacraments, is offered during our second service. 

Dates that Sunday School does not meet:
July 4th Weekend

Exact dates can be found on the Children and Family Events Calendar

During the Summer Program, we offer two classes. In the summer, the Middle School class does not meet. All children will sit with their parents for the beginning of worship and leave after the Children’s Message. When service is complete, parents or guardians of children in 2nd grade or younger, are asked to pick up their children from their classrooms and sign them out. Children who are in 3rd grade or older, will be released when service is complete.

Sandbox Set
Children ages three (potty-trained) to entering Kindergarten.

Playground Pack
Children entering 1st through 5th grades.

Worshiping With Children

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Luke 18:16). At Knox Presbyterian Church, we affirm that children are important members of our worshiping community and should feel that they belong to the church family. Children who want to stay in the Sanctuary for worship, we have prepared worship bags, worksheets and plenty of children’s bibles to help keep them busy and engaged.

Children can participate in worship services as:
Acolytes to light candles on the chancel at the beginning of the 9:00 worship service
Scripture readers at both the 9:00 and the 10:30 worship services
Providing special music as individuals or as part of our Children’s Choirs

The Sacraments and Children:
Baptism is a sign of God’s promises, assuring us of God’s love and of our belonging to Him. The water symbolizes forgiveness, new birth and participation in Christ’s death and resurrection. It incorporates us into the community of the Church and the work of the Holy Spirit. Children are included in God’s covenant and welcomed into a community of faith through their baptism

Communion is a joyful feast of the people of God. All are invited to the table. At Knox, Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month and on special liturgical dates. This invitation includes children of all ages, although the time at which a child first takes communion is a family decision. At Knox, an understanding of the meaning of the Sacrament of Communion is not a prerequisite to the partaking of it. During our 10:30 service, our 2nd through 5th grade class comes down to participate in communion and stays for the remainder of the service. Also, there is no middle school Sunday School at the 10:30 service so that children can attend and partake in communion with their families.