Supporting the Sunday School Ministry


Supporting the Sunday School Ministry

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If you would like to know more about being a part of the Sunday School Ministry at Knox, contact Jenny Hubbard, Director of Children’s Ministries,  at 630-615-4318.

Many opportunities exist for people with a variety of gifts, in and out of the classroom, such as:


In the classroom

Teachers; Helpers; Substitute Teachers

During the school-year, a teacher’s commitment is to be in the classroom two times a month: once as a lead teacher; once as helper. Each class has a team of four teachers that share the teaching responsibilities.

During the summer, a teacher is asked to volunteer on 2 or 3 Sundays.

Teachers volunteer for either the 9:00 session or the 10:30 session. They are provided with a curriculum and support in preparation of activities.

Outside of the classroom

Superintendents; Teacher Mentors; Support for Special Projects or Events; Curriculum and Supply Support

Superintendents help to run one Session (either 9:00 or 10:30) on a Sunday morning. Their duties include attendance and monitoring the classes.

Support for Special Projects or Events provides enhancements for the Sunday School Ministry. This can be in the areas of Worship, Mission, Music, and Prayer or for a special season. For example, this could entail one of the following activities:

  •          running a Mission project
  •          leading music in the classrooms
  •          an event during Advent
  •          a plan to encourage learning the Lord’s Prayer or scripture verses

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