Bible Study & Classes

Bible Studies


9:00 am
In Multipurpose Room
Contact Tom Rose

10:30 am
In Multipurpose Room
Contact Jim Clinton 

7:00 pm
Zoom Only
Contact Frank Mayer


9:15 am
Women on Wednesdays in Fellowship Hall
Contact Robin Kolar and Margaret Lambka
7:30 pm
In The Family Room
Contact Eric and Patty Heinekamp


6:00 am
Daybreakers in Room 201
Contact Randy Johnson or Frank Mayer

9:45 am
In Multipurpose Room
Contact Sue Pollard or Bonnie Olson


Verbum is a 14-week course offering a deep dive into the New Testament in the context of prayer, fellowship, and community.

Questions? Contact Pastor David Bruner for details.
"Loving God through Loving Neighbor: The Gospel Amidst Religious Diversity"
Taught by Dr. Alex Massad, Wheaton College
Tuesday nights at 7 pm, beginning January 9th

Why should Christians engage with other religions? And how should we do so? This class will explore the biblical, theological, and historical warrants for loving engagement with other faiths. And it will flesh out specific ways to love neighbors of three faiths: Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

If you want to know more about how Christians think about religious diversity, or how better to love your neighbors of a different faith, please join us!

Questions? Contact Pastor David Bruner for details.

Rev. Dr. David Bruner