Long Story Short Bible Study with Rev. Dr. David Bruner

January 25, 2023 6:00pm
Long Story Short Bible Study with Rev. Dr. David Bruner

Contact: David Bruner

Participate in the Wednesday night Long Story Short class from 6-7:30 pm in the Sanctuary that's being taught by Pastor Dave. He'll take what was preached on in the previous Sunday's sermon and go deeper into the history and theology of that topic. Come ready to learn even more about what the Bible is, where it comes from, and how it can be God's Word to us today. 

If you can't make it to church on a given Sunday or to class on Wednesdays, we want to remind you that you can keep up with the sermons and the Long Story Short class audio on our Knox Church Podcast. Listen and subscribe on your Android or Apple devices or on Spotify

If you are interested in joining a small group email Rev. Dr. David Bruner.

Small Group Questions will available on Mondays

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Long Story Short Calendar Guide

Long Story Short


the four readings in your personal Devotional Guide


to the Sunday Sermon
(also available via podcast)


by attending the Wednesday Class (also available via podcast)


what you've read in the Bible and heard in the sermons with your Small Group

Week 0: How to Read the Bible None Sunday, 1/15 Wednesday, 1/18 Week following 1/15
Week 1: Creation Week following 1/15 Sunday, 1/22 Wednesday, 1/25 Week following 1/22
Week 2: Fall Week following 1/22 Sunday, 1/29 Wednesday, 2/1 Week following 1/29
Week 3: Promise Week following 1/29 Sunday, 2/5 Wednesday, 2/8 Week following 2/5
Week 4: Exodus Week following 2/5 Sunday, 2/12 Wednesday, 2/15 Week following 2/12
Week 5: Covenant Week following 2/12 Sunday, 2/19 Wednesday, 2/22 Week following 2/19
Week 6: Waiting Week following 2/19 Sunday, 2/26 Wednesday, 3/1 Week following 2/26
Week 7: Conquest Week following 2/26 Sunday, 3/5 Wednesday, 3/8 Week following 3/5
Week 8: Kingdom Week following 3/5 Sunday, 3/12 Wednesday, 3/15 Week following 3/12
Week 9: Warning Week following 3/12 Sunday, 3/19 Wednesday, 3/22 Week following 3/19
Week 10: Comeback Week following 3/19 Sunday, 3/26 Wednesday, 3/29 Week following 3/26
Week 11: Incarnation Week following 3/26 Sunday, 4/2 Wednesday, 4/5 Week following 4/2
Week 12: Resurrection Week following 4/2 Sunday, 4/9 Wednesday, 4/12 Week following 4/9
Week 13: Mission Week following 4/9 Sunday, 4/16 Wednesday, 4/19 Week following 4/16
Week 14: Church Week following 4/16 Sunday, 4/23 Wednesday, 4/26 Week following 4/23
Week 15: Revelation Week following 4/23 Sunday, 4/30 Wednesday, 5/3 Week following 4/30

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