Easter Prayer Vigil - In Person and Virtual

April 2, 2021 7:30pm
Easter Prayer Vigil - In Person and Virtual

Contact: Bev Mayer

Prayer Vigil - 30 minutes time slots

For many years we have kept the vigil of prayer during Holy week. This year we are offering selected times to be in person and 24 hours virtual.  Our time of prayer this year will begin Maundy Thursday, April 1 at 8:00 pm and go straight through until Good Friday, April 2 until 7:30 pm. 

In person prayer vigil times: 

Maundy Thursday - 8pm-10pm; 30 minute time slots
Good Friday - 9am - 11am & 2pm-7:30 pm; 30 minute time slots

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Virtual prayer vigil

Instead of coming to Knox to pray in the Chapel we invite those who choose to an option to pray at home.  Please join us in this very important ministry of prayer during Holy Week. More than one person can sign up to have this be a time spent in reflection, reading or prayer. Please sign up below.

7:30 pm
Maggie Lies

8:00 pm
Joanne Begy Friday 
8:00 am

Katie Klyce
8:30 pm Diane Heintz 8:30 am
Laura Smith
9:00 pm Ann Naubert 9:00 am Tricia Ullestad
9:30 pm Nancy Whitmer 9:30 am Karen Van Iten
10:00 pm Rick Warren 10:00 am Dawn Pakkebier
10:30 pm Marti Schmidt 10:30 am Bonnie Olson
11:00 pm Katie Klyce 11:00 am Marge Panek
11:30 pm Lisa Bonomo 11:30 am Kathleen Olson
12:00 midnight Lisa Bonomo 12:00 noon Janet Schletter
12:30 am (Friday) Sally Kenaston 12:30  Anne Sherren
1:00 am Alice Snelgrove 1:00 pm Cathy Eyberger
1:30 am Neil Goltermann 1:30 pm Karen Zielinski
2:00 am Belinda Baum 2:00 pm Patty Reed
2:30 am Ron Mobley 2:30 pm Norah Johnson
3:00 am Ron Mobley 3:00 pm Diane Heintz
3:30 am Pat Smith 3:30 pm Patty Heinekamp
4:00 am David Bebb Jones 4:00 pm

Carol O'Neill

4:30 am David Bebb Jones 4:30 pm Bonnie Poole
5:00 am Doug Varney 5:00 pm Sue Johnpeter
5:30 am Doug Varney 5:30 pm Bev Mayer
6:00 am Leslie Elliott 6:00 pm Carol Pfeiffer
6:30 am Christopher Brischetto 6:30 pm Christopher Brischetto
7:00 am Don Fleschut 7:00 pm Lisa Bonomo
7:30 am Dee Boies

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