Christmas Joy Offering 2022

December 24, 2022 12:00am
Christmas Joy Offering 2022

One of the most powerful things that Christians claim is that God saw the great needs of the world and offered a perfect gift in response, a gift that brought God and humanity closer together. God’s perfect gift, Jesus Christ. “a gift who opens a door. Jesus is the perfect gift, not only opening a door but coming through it. In Jesus, God joined with humanity, and in his life, death and resurrection, so our story of God goes, Jesus is the door, now standing open. The giving continues because God is with us, still - and always.  
We offer our gifts during this Advent Season to the Christmas Joy Offering because God shows us the power and importance of being together, of "being with." We might not be able to meet face to face with those who need the support that our gifts provide, but we are very much still together. We thank God for being "with us" through the gift of Jesus, for opening doors that may not have been accessible to us, and for joining us together as the Church and, through our gifts, with those who have need. Knox receives donations to the Christmas Joy Offering during Advent beginning November 27 through Christmas Eve. Please go online and choose Christmas Joy or mail your check payable to Knox and be sure to mark Christmas Joy in your memo section.  

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