Easter 24 Hour Prayer Vigil

Easter 24 Hour Prayer Vigil

Thursday, April 09, 2020, 7:30 PM - Friday, April 10, 2020, 7:30 PM

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Prayer Vigil - 30 minutes time slots
For many years we have kept the vigil of prayer during Holy week.
Our time of prayer this year will begin Maundy Thursday, April 9 at 7:30 pm and go straight through until Good Friday, April 10 until 7:30 pm.  Instead of coming to Knox to pray in the Chapel we invite everyone to pray at home.

Please join us in this very important ministry of prayer during Holy Week. More than one person can sign up to have this be a time spent in reflection, reading or prayer.

Thursday, 7:30 pm Belinda Baum
Joanne Begy
Friday, 7:30 am Stephanie & Jeff Hild
8:00 pm Mike Komma 8:00 am Diane Heintz
Erin Clemons
8:30 pm Arlene Beslic 
Candy Cairo
Victoria Hoggatt
8:30 am Sue Pollard
Patty Reed
Tricia Ullestad
9:00 pm Kim Lynn
Keith Hoggatt
9:00 am Ann Naubert
9:30 pm Randy Johnson 9:30 am Jan Reid
Nancy Whitmer
10:00 pm Frank Mayer 10:00 am Brooks Reid
Kathi Olson
10:30 pm David Newby
Molly Brischetto
10:30 am Sarah & John Reid
Amy Bratsos
11:00 pm Katie Klyce 11:00 am Sue Johnpeter
11:30 pm Alice Snelgrove      Neil Goltermann 11:30 am Linda Adcock
Chris Jachcinski
Friday, April 10 12:00 am Marti Schmidt 12:00 Noon Katie Klyce
Kathy Schulte
Dorothy Mittelstaedt

12:30 am Doris Walker 12:30 pm Scott Elliott
1:00 am Doris Walker 1:00 pm Lisa Dorr
Cathy Eyberger
1:30 am 1:30 pm Susan Pollard
2:00 am Mark Nelson 2:00 pm Jo Ann Sault
2:30 am Daryl Giganti 2:30 pm Deanna Swauger
Susan Tokh
3: 00 am Daryl Giganti 3:00 pm Susan Tokh
3:30 am Daryl Giganti 3:30 pm Norah Johnson
4:00 am David Bebb Jones

4:00 pm Diane Mittelhauser
Deanna Boies
4:30 am David Bebb Jones 4:30 pm Dawn Pakkebier
5:00 am Doug Varney
Josh Weir
5:00 pm Dave & Bonnie Olson 
5:30 am Candy Cairo 5:30 pm Cindy Karis
6:00 am Joanne Begy 6:00 pm Ron Mobley
6:30 am Rudi & Joan Tanck 6:30 pm Dotty Mobley
7:00 am Scott Elliott
Margaret Lambka
7:00 pm Cindy Karis & Harold Bullard

Check the time slots below for your at home prayer time.

Holy Week Virtual Prayer Vigil

Select 1/2 hour Time Slot(s) from the options below. Holy Week Virtual Prayer Vigil starts Thursday April 9 at 7:30 pm and continues through Friday, April 10 at 7:00 pm.