Safe Haven Policy

Volunteering with Kids & Youth

Knox Presbyterian Church prepared this Safe Haven policy which applies to all church-related activities that involve minors. It was developed to educate staff and volunteers about their role in appropriately caring for minors including abuse and injury prevention, to provide general procedures that reduce these risks, and implement a method of effective responses to a variety of situations. Updates to this policy can be made by appropriate staff members when needed. If necessary, those changes would be communicated to volunteers.

If you have any questions and/or are interested in serving, you may contact Erin Hartman, Director of Children and Family Ministries or Darin Nettleton, Director of our Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Erin Hartman-

Darin Nettleton-

Safe Haven Child Protection

Safe Haven Child Protection Process includes two levels:

  • A screening process to assure that all persons working with children and/or vulnerable adults can provide a healthy and safe environment and can provide a God-caring relationship.
  • A training component that equips all staff and volunteers with skills that will help us be sensitive and alert to abusive situations and a loving response.

By screening and training we witness to our care for children and vulnerable adults and the message, “We value Everyone.”
To whom do these policies apply?

These policies apply to all staff and volunteers serving in Knox’s youth or Children and Family Ministries as well as our preschool programs.

Anyone planning to serve in Knox’s Youth or Children and Family Ministries must complete the Knox Safe Haven Policy Training (SHP). You can pick up a copy of the Knox Safe Haven Policy by clicking on the button  or in our church office. If interested in serving with our youth or children, we ask that you complete the training by watching the training video, complete the quiz and then submit your Safe Haven Application & Consent in Realm. If you are going to be transporting children or youth, we also ask you to complete the Driver Information form also found in Realm. Once completed, your training is valid for up to 3 years or until you turn 18 (for our high school volunteers).


I’m a teacher, do I have to take the training since I have had training at my school?

I volunteer with the Scouts and they have Safe Haven training. Do I still need to take yours?

I work with ________ and have had extensive training, do I still need to take your training?

The answer to all questions is, YES

Contact Us

Questions? or interested in volunteering, send us a message!

Erin Hartman

Director of Children & Family Ministry